How to create your strategic plan How to create yourOverview You work in the strategic planning…

How to create your strategic plan

How to create yourOverview

You work in the strategic planning division of Mega-Vid, a giant multinational video game production company. Like other video game companies, Mega-Vid is facing increasing criticism from people who are concerned that video games encourage violent behavior. Your job is to write a strategic plan that helps Mega-Vid address this issue.


To prepare for writing your strategic plan, you will first need to understand why Mega-Vid is facing criticism. Then, use the Project resources to explore how companies in other industries have coped with negative public opinion. Think about whether any of their strategies and tactics can be adapted to address Mega-Vid’s problem.

To create your strategic plan:

Define the problem, or set of problems, you are trying to solve. (Must be at least 3 problems solving ideas).

Do some brainstorming about potential solutions. Look at the Project resources about how other companies have approached criticism. You may be able to adapt some of their approaches to solve Mega-Vid’s problem. Would any of those approaches work here? Why or why not?

Consider your strategy. What is your overall goal?

Consider what tactics will be necessary to carry out your plan. In other words, how will you achieve the strategic goal you identified in step four? What changes might you make to the product or the way it is marketed?extrasI have submitted this project and my reviewer sent it back for me to do some corrections and I am having a rough time with it. Would it help if I sent you what I have already done? Also would you like for me to send you exactly what the reviewer sent me?

Here is the reviewers feedback

Thank you for your submission to the “Game Plan” project. You have done a good job of providing information that points to the criticisms Mega-Vid is receiving.

To master this project, in your resubmission:

1. Make connections between different problem-solving ideas / Generates multiple ideas to address problem– Your plan provides only two different problem-solving ideas. This is a major problem for Mega-Vid and having multiple (more than two) problem-solving ideas would be vital to the success of the project. Furthermore, state how your chosen solution(s) will directly address the problem. Be sure to add this work to your plan.

2. Solutions reflect connections to other relevant situations – Your plan does not point to examples of a particular solution or strategy that were successful in other campaigns or initiatives. You need to address how these campaigns can have a positive impact on your project plan. Research other examples (more than one) and link them into your plan. Basically, what other problems can you find, where an organization or group were successful in overcoming a similar problem. Be sure to add this work to your plan.

3. Proposal demonstrates an understanding of strategy concept and tactics concept – Your strategic goal should be clear and easy to understand. For the most part, your strategic goal is solid. However, there is a lack of connection between your tactics (tasks) and strategic approach. Remember strategies focus more on the big-picture. Your recommendations need to concentrate on long-term goals of the organization (concepts). Tactics are the things the company will manage to reach their goals (action). Discuss what the strategies will be and then develop tactics that will aid the organization to reach their established goals. Be sure to add this work to your plan

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