Dominoâ??s Pizza SWOT Recently a dominoâ??s pizza franchise in upstate New York made the strategic

Domino’s Pizza SWOT Recently, a domino’s pizza franchise in upstate New York made the strategic decision to stay open for 24
hours a day The manager made the decision in response to increase demand for the pizza Other
Domino’s franchise is considering the same strategy In this activity, you will categorize a st of statements
regarding activities in the internal and external environment as they relate to Domino’s pizza These
statements will identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or threats Health-some consumers may be looking for healthier food alternatives
Inventory management- Domino’s franchise has never managed inventory for late night capacity The
company is worried about perishable items and delivery of shipments
Late Night Eating-Due to changes in time demands, many Americans are working late and looking for
more flexible food options
Competitors-many quick service restaurants are staying open until 2 and 3 am
Demand- Americans eat 100 acres of pizza everyday
Excellent location -This franchise is in a major metropolitan area near a college campus
Strong brand- Domino’s has national brand recognition
Staffing- Doesn’t have enough to cover 24 hours shifts
Which topic goes under which category?