131) Which of the following is NOT a key factor in selecting differentiators? A) These decisions…

131) Which of the following is NOT a key factor in
selecting differentiators?
A) These decisions must be made early
B) Being aware of the practical and the perceptual problems
with selecting differentiators
C) These differentiators must operate at a global level
D) Indentifying and executing successful differentiators means
making tradeoffs

132) Audi moved upmarket by improving product quality and image.
Which of the following is an example of a tradeoff that Audi would likely be
able to make in moving upmarket?
A) Image
B) Technical superiority
C) Convenience
D) Quality

133) Wal-Mart’s decision to delay its international moves so
that it could focus first on dominating the U.S. market is an example of which
of the following?
A) Staging
B) Arenas
C) Economic logic
D) Differentiators

134) If BMW launched a low market model to compete with
manufacturers such as Kia, which differentiator might be most difficult to
position in the minds of customers?
A) Proprietary technology
B) Price
C) Customization
D) Technical superiority

135) In which of the following examples does economic logic
reside primarily on the cost side of
the equation?
A) BMW vs. Mercedes
B) WestJet vs. Air Canada
C) Apple vs. RIM
D) Tim Hortons vs. Krispy Kreme

136) Which of the following is one of the key organizational
structure questions that must be considered when implementing a strategy?
A) What reporting relationships are in place to support the
B) What trained staff is available to deploy for the strategy?
C) What financial resources are necessary to coordinate the
D) How is the strategy aligned with senior management?

137) Which of the following is not part of organizational
systems and processes?
A) Compensation management
B) Technology
C) Information systems
D) Budgeting processes

138) WestJet achieved early success by copying many of the
features of which of the following Airlines?
A) Air Canada
B) JetBlue
C) Porter
D) United Airlines

139) Which of the following is a differentiator used by WestJet?
A) Not using interlining baggage and ticketing with other
B) Using a single type of aircraft
C) Friendly and caring interaction with the “guest†at every
D) Forming an alliance with “Air Milesâ€

140) In 2004, WestJet added flights to the United States and in 2007, WestJet added flights
to the Bahamas. WestJet’s vision includes “By 2016, WestJet
will be one of the five most successful international airlines in the
world.†Which of the following would not
be a good example of staging initiatives reflecting its timetable for achieving
its objectives?
A) Adding Barbados
in 2009 and the U.K.
in 2011
B) Adding Barbados
in 2016
C) Adding the UK
in 2011 and the Caribbean in 2013
D) Adding China
in 2012 and the UK
in 2015