Community Agency Interviews In this Learning Team assignment your team will select a human service.

Community Agency Interviews

In this Learning Team assignment, your team will select a human service agency to visit and interview representatives in the agency. The assignment has 4 parts to be completed


Agency Selected:  Keystone Human Services, website link to agency


Part I: Agency Interview Preparation (1pg)


Choose a specific human service agency to visit. As a team ensure that all team members are in agreement in terms of what agency to visit. This agency will serve as a foundation for several Learning Team Meetings, and the final Learning Team presentation will be due in Week Five.


Schedule a visit to a human service agency for team members to provide an onsite interviews in preparation for the Learning Team Agency Presentation in Week Four.


Assign each team member to interview one human service agency representative that include, but are not limited, to examples listed below:

 Human service administratorStaff memberSupervisorBudget


Note. More than one team member may be involved in one agency representative interview. The team should interview at least three representatives.







…………………….Answer Preview……………………

       The esteemed Keystone Human Services prides itself in being an organization that promotes growth holistically to promote empowerment of individuals who will have a positive impact in the society. An unexamined life is not worth living and that’s why the organization helps people live purposeful lives. The company has employed the design whereby the client is self-driven but at the same it promotes dignity and respect to others.

       Communication is key in the organization since it mainly focuses at improving the people’s lives. The leaders should provide an environment whereby the staff………………


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