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This Week, you will conduct a topical Discussion by contributing analyses of at least two relevant and scholarly articles/resources.

For this Discussion you will be researching (with the help of the Walden University Library, a Walden University Librarian, and/or the Internet) the General Force Analysis and the Stakeholder Identification and Value Analysis—Part I, including relationships among Business-Level, Corporate Level, and Enterprise Level strategic management and thinking concepts, Enterprise Level Strategy and Culture. See the General Force Analysis: External—Remote Environment section and the Stakeholder Identification and Value Analysis—Part I section of the SSP template for a place to start (DDBA8160 SSP Template file in Doc Sharing). You will find some mention of resources there. Work with the Walden Library and Librarians for other resources.Choose peer-reviewed or other significant and rigorous articles/sources from the Walden Library (e.g., an editor-chosen featured article in the Harvard Business Review, books, etc.).