? Executive Summary Assessment of Nintendo’s current 2018 business level and…

Executive Summary: Assessment of Nintendo’s current 2018 business level and corporate strategy and the capacity of Nintendo to sustain competitive advantage Body: Findings from external and internal analysis utilising the Business Systems Model and Drivers of Industry Development (referring to appendices). The link to theory is established. Conclusion: Key strategic issues/findings (at least 2) related to Nintendo’s current 2018 performance, issues it faces and options and recommendations. Reference list (at least 6 references including the text and case materials) Appendices: In-depth analysis conducted before the report should be written. (Note the appendices will not be read unless referred to in the body of the report) Note: Students need to be able to assess the organisation’s current business-level strategic performance using the Business System Model’ as set out in Chapter 4 p.102 of the unit text and Drivers of Industry Development as set out in the Chapter 10 text p.243
Students are required to demonstrate an understanding of the distinctions between resources and capabilities together with the capacity to identify strategic capabilities.
Extensive description of data without critical evaluation and analysis will score very low marks. APPENDICES: Only two (2) analytical tools must be used to be capable of completing this report. 1.The Components of a Business System (p.102 of text) including analysis of the Resource Base/ Stock of Assets (complete an assessment of tangible and intangible, relational