Examine the mini-case regarding German luxury cars (p57) of the prescribed textbook….

Tutorial questions – Week 2

Examine the mini-case regarding German luxury cars (p57) of the prescribed textbook.

1. Analyse the mini case regarding German luxury cars using the five competitive forces to determine the industry’s attractiveness.

2. Apply a PESTEL analysis to BMW, Mercedes Benz or Audi (note: the same opportunities and threats will apply to each of them)

3. Which elements of the General Environment are significant to the future of the German luxury car industry?

Tutorial questions – Week 3

1. Examine the Zara mini-case (p73) and identify their Tangible and Intangible resources.

2. Identify and explain the sources of Zara’s capabilities.

3. Identify and briefly explain the source of Zara’s competitive advantage using the four (4) criteria of sustainable competitive advantage.

Tutorial questions – Week 4

Examine the Apple vs Samsung mini-case (p123) and evaluate the business strategy used by each.

1.Using Samsung, demonstrate how the cost leadership strategy can be well implemented.

2.Using Apple, demonstrate how the differentiation strategy can be well implemented.

3. Describe the risks Apple faces with the differentiation strategy.

Tutorial questions – Week 5


Read the Tesco mini-case (page 133)

1. Who are competitors? Identify at least 2 companies that are competitors of Tesco.

2. Identify the ongoing set of competitive actions and competitive responses occurring between Tesco and its rivals as they compete against each other for an advantageous market position.

3. Identify the competitive behaviour responses of Tesco to build or defend its competitive advantages and to improve its market position.)

Tutorial questions – Week 6

Consider the case on LVMH: Getting Big While Staying Beautiful.

1. Describe the level of diversification LVMH have occurred over the past years?

2. What do you think was the reasons why LVMH diversified?

3. How does LVMH create value by productively using company resources?