Paper instructions The Mission and Vision paper is an individual assignment that focuses on the ana

Paper instructions:
The Mission and Vision paper is an individual assignment that focuses on the analysis of the mission and vision statement of a struggling organization. Faculty member might choose the organization or student might be asked to select an organization of interest Required Elements to include in the Mission and Vision Paper: Select an organization from the list above;
Research the organization’s website to find the mission statement and vision;
Research the challenges the organization is facing consider the objectives the organization has established for revitalization;
Evaluate the mission and vision statements to determine whether these statements align with the new objectives of the organization (this requires research to identify new objectives);
Based on the criteria provided by David (2013), explain why or why not the existing mission and vision statements needs revision;
Formulate a new mission and vision statement if the existing mission and vision statement do not meet the criteria;
Students are expected to support their comments by applying concepts learned in the course;
Demonstrate critical thinking in the assessment.
Required Formatting of Paper: This report should be double spaced, 12-point font, and three to four pages in length excluding the title page and reference page;
Title page with your name, the course name, the date, and instructor’s name;
This paper should be written in the third person. No script should contain the words “I or we;”