A case study on Amazon.comInc-jill Austin and Ralph I. willians Jr. 1 answer below »

This case study will be research,analyze and present as a power-point. It will be based on the skills learned during the class.I used strategic management concepts & cases a competitive advantage approach 14th edition for the class. I have done most of the assignments with you people. Please,I would like for the people that have already handled my paper to do this. this case study sections must be presented in bullet format using power-point highlighting only the most relevant points.The perspective for this presentation must be as an outside consultant presenting to the board of directors of the company in the case. Note: Do not regurgitate existing/known data the board would already be aware of.This is not a report of interesting facts or historical data! comments have to be interpretative not a reiteration of details noted in the case.Right now,Am going to scan the remaining project instructions and attach.