Develop a project proposal for a new project. The assignment may be based on 1. A proposal for a…

Develop a project proposal for a new
The assignment may be based on
A proposal for a potential new
project that you or your organization have in mind
Appraisal of an activity you
believe would be improved by managing a project

Assignment report should include

A brief description of the
organizational setting and the project environment to ensure the assignment
examiner understands the context in which the project is set.
An outline of the objectives of
the project and the importance of the project to the organization
A detailed overview and
analysis of the use of relevant concepts, tools and techniques involved in
project management. This section should comprise the main part of your assignment
and should consist of an overview and analysis of the relevant project concepts
in the subject. At a minimum, there should be a mention of at least the
following concepts.
How the project should be defined
How project times and costs are estimated
A discussion of the project plan
The management of project risk
Resource planning
Project team issues
Project performance management

Note that although all of these concepts
should be mentioned, some of them may be more important for your particular
project than others. In these instances, you should feel free to focus your
analysis more heavily on the more important issues as they impact your project.
The total number of words should be between
1000 and 1500 words. This word count does not include your cover page, an
abstract, table of contents, list of references or appendices. Thus you can
place any supporting material that exceeds this word limit into the appendix.
However a reader should not have to look in the appendix to know the main
thrust of the points you are making in your assignment. So make sure all your
points are in the body of the report and refer to the appendix that will
support the points you are making in the body because the reader may not look
at the appendix.