Choose one of the major banks in Australia discuss their current1 Balanced Scorecard…

The Purpose
To undertake a search of the relevant literature to determine what are the major issues related to the implementation of Strategic Performance Measurement Systems (SPMSs), such as the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), in the Financial Services Sector.
Task Outline
Choose one of the major banks in Australia, discuss their current1 Balanced Scorecard
and provide comprehensive analysis on:
• the benefits of BSC in reaching strategic objectives of that bank
• the issues related to implementation of the BSC in that bank
• common barriers to successful scorecard implementation in the Financial Services sector in general.
****Information should not be older than 3 years
***Word counts 2800-3000
***If possible add diagram or any informative chart
*** Your report should include a bibliography of referenced sources. Internet resources used should be acknowledged and fully referenced. All references and sources must be properly acknowledged.