Using the case submission template please read the Case 1 Lagom Kitchen + Brewery A Quest for…

Using the case submission template, please read the Case 1: Lagom Kitchen + Brewery: A
Quest for Survival Ivey Case 9B17M128 and complete the following:
1. Based on the information provided in the case, what is the key challenge faced
by Lagom Kitchen + Brewery founder and CEO Debjeet Banjeree? (10%)
2. Using PESTEL and Porter’s 5 forces, conduct a complete external environmental
and industry analysis of the Lagom Kitchen + Brewery’s target market of the
microbrewery industry in Gurugram.
• HINT: refer to Class Slides and Text
i. PESTEL refer to Text and Case Insight 2.1 for examples (25%)
ii. Porters 5 Forces refer to Text and Figure 2.4 for examples (20%)
3. Based on your findings, what 2 – 4 key strategies would you recommend to the
founder and CEO Debjeet Banjeree ( 20%) and why? (10%)
4. What 2-4 key strategies would you suggest if Lagom Kitchen + Brewery were
located in Toronto? ( 10%)
5. Table of content, overall appearance, grammar and spelling (5%)