case analysis

Dear Sir /Madam, Here is attached first homework. I will send you the second case Bye tomorrow: Every case just 5 pages as you see here under the execat guied is attached called sample that what the answer should be looks like. Individual Case Analysis Each of you is required to turn in an analysis (limited to 5 pages, double-spaced, typed) of any two of the cases to be discussed in class. These reports are due on the day the specific case is discussed. In addition, in the following class meeting you will turn in a ‘Reflective Case Report” for the case for which you turned in the written analysis earlier. I will grade both the written analysis and the reflective case report together as one unit. Please note that we will discuss the eHarmony case on the first day (July 23) and so, if you choose to do this as your first written analysis, it is due on our first meeting date. Your report should follow the following format: · Brief background to the case (half-a-page or less) · Identification of key problem in the case (give brief explanation as to why this is an important problem facing the company) · Assessment of alternatives (if the case identifies alternatives, examine them critically. If you think there are additional alternatives not mentioned in the case, describe and examine them, too). · Suggested course of action: which alternative would you recommend and why? · Key takeaways from the case: what general strategy pointers can you takeaway from the case? The analysis should indicate your knowledge of the case facts and your ability to apply lecture/text/readings concepts to the case situation. Before our first meeting, I will have posted on Blackboard a sample of a “good” student prepared case analysis. Thank you, TALAL Price: maximum Paid is $ 40 for these five page ,,the second case also another $40. The third case 10 Pages $ 60. please let me know as soon as you receive this email.?