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In preparation for this project assignment, review the Technology SWOT Analysis Scoring Guide to identify the grading criteria. Refer to the course project description to see how this assignment relates to the Management Education Course Design Project as a whole.

For this project component, you will select and describe a technology application of your choice, complete a SWOT analysis to evaluate the technology, and then present and record your analysis. The goal is to convince a university dean that the selected technology has instructional value.

The focus should be to select instructional technology with purpose, as a discerning consumer, in order to advance the lesson and enhance the learning experience. You should analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen technology, the educational opportunities, as well as environmental threats to the chosen technology application. Use PowerPoint, screen captures, or other presentation software to present your SWOT analysis.

Using Adobe Connect, record the SWOT analysis, which should not exceed 10 minutes, and defend your choice of the technology. Submit the Adobe Connect URL for the recording in two areas:

To this assignment for grading.To the SWOT Analysis Review discussion in this unit.

Note:There is no written submission for this assignment.


Technology SWOT Analysis Scoring Guide.

Capella Graduate Online Writing Center – APA Style and Formatting.

iGuide – Using Adobe Connect.

Microsoft Tutorials.

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Now that you have created a SWOT analysis for your chosen technology tool, you are in a better position to examine whether the technology you have chosen will actually enhance the learning experience. Since you will integrate your technology choice into your course design project, will it be an effective means to enhance teaching and learning?

Based on your examination of the four areas of SWOT, discuss what the technology offers to your course design—its potential to enhance or diminish the learning experience.

How will you use what you have chosen?

If you have reservations, what are they?Is the technology you selected a viable tool for instruction?

Provide an argument for how this particular technology tool will help you to facilitate effective teaching.