Please help with these two questions It based on the book Innovators Dilemma and The Signal and the

Please help with these two questions: It based on the book Innovators Dilemma and The Signal and the noiseInnovator’s Dilemma and The Signal and The Noisea) One of the many considerations in high-technology industries ( think computers, semi-conductors, memories, communications, bio-technology…..for starters ) face the dilemma of aggressively pursuing the current technology trajectory…..the build-a-better-mousetrap approach. It makes a lot of sense. The firm has a tremendously large existing base of customers who depend on the current technology. There is a counter approach to seek the development and implementation of a disruptive technology ( DT ). This DT will have …at least initially, few customers, may have a greater probability of failure than an existing technology, and encounter customer resistance because of the potential inconvenience to switch to another technology paradigm.Please explain the considerations …your considerations…..for developing and introducing a new vaccine for an, yet, undetermined flu strain. b) Nate Silver in his The Signal and The Noise observes in Chapters 3 and 8 a key feature in data analysis is too often missing. Without this analysis component, data and statistics are , mere, noise. Please identify this key feature in data analytics and why it was prominently lacking in strongly ‘blue’ states.