This is a three part activity.First you will identify a publicly documented conflict between two…

This is a three part activity.First, you will identify a publicly documented conflict between two organizations and provide resources to support both sides of the conflict.Second, you will choose one side of the conflict to represent and then create a integrative negotiation planning strategy for that party.Third, you will write a 4-6 page paper (approx. 1200 to 1800 words) summarizing the negotiation planning strategy.
Part 1: Identify a well documented Public ConflictFirst, you will need to conduct research to identify two public organizations that have recently, or are currently, negotiating a conflict. Be sure there are newspaper articles or other resources that sufficiently document both sides of the conflict. You will be required to cite these resources in Part 3 when you write your paper. Remember that when generating alternative solutions, the parties to a negotiation must both actively participate in the conflict resolution, so make sure you are able to identify documentation related to the efforts of negotiation coming from both sides the conflict. Watch for emotions, personality, and bias that may result in a partys inability or unwillingness to listen or accept alternative solutions to a problem, you can discuss this observation and how it affects a negotiation when you write your paper in Part 3.For example, consider this 2012 conflict between the City of Chicago and the Chicago Teacher’s Union.DO NOT use this example for this week’s paper, please find another conflict. You will use this scenario for a future assignment.
Part 2: Create an Integrative Negotiation Planning StrategyAfter sufficiently researching the conflict you will need to choose one side of the conflict you would like to represent. You will then need to create an Integrative Negotiation Planning Strategy for the party you are representing based on the facts of the conflict identified during your research in Part 1. Learn more about Integrative Negotiation Planning Strategies by reviewing the following resources:
Textbook – Chapter 3, Strategy and Tactics of Integrative Negotiation.
Ted Talks Video:
Part 3: Complete a Written Summary of the Integrative Negotiation Planning StrategyAfter you have completed your Integrative Negotiation Planning Strategy, you will need to write a 4-6 page paper (approx. 1200 to 1800 words) summarizing the conflict and proposed alternate solution. Be sure to describe the conflict as part of your paper and provide citations to the research you conducted in Part 1. The paper should also answer the following questions: Identify the side that you have chosen.
What would be be your BATNA if the negotiation breaks down?
What are your most important interests, ranked in order?
What is the other sides BATNA and what is its interests?
Does each side have any interests that may be mutual?
What value may be created for resolving the conflict?