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Essay Topic: Management theory has developed through several stages with each stage having its own contribution and shortcomings in the practice of management. Discuss the contribution and shortcomings of the classical, humanistic and contemporary theories to the actual practice of management (i.e., management in the “real-world”).

Table of contents:

This is a list of major headings and page numbers.


The introduction reveals your understanding of the topic and the direction you intend to pursue. It should outline the main purpose of your essay, describe the approach to be taken, and why the topic is important. Any interpretations or definitions may also be included in this section. It may acknowledge any limitations or constraints. The introduction should be concise and direct, an outline without detailed discussion.

Main Body:

Your argument should be developed in a logical, well thought out sequence. In order to emphasise and clarify the major concepts or issues, the body of your discussion should be divided into relevant chapters or headings.

The essay should demonstrate your ability to find information relevant to the topic, to understand it, and your analytical and critical thinking skills. Present alternative theories and empirical evidence and make a critical appraisal of these.

A good essay will contain reference to a number of studies and you must acknowledge the source of all information, not just that which is directly quoted. However, your assignment should not simply be an edited version of other people’s words and ideas. It is important to critically analyse these works and to offer your own opinion substantiated by evidence.


A conclusion should draw together the main ideas in your discussion and summarise your thoughts on the topic. It should also include the implications of this topic for managers and may indicate aspects that require further consideration or research but should not introduce new material.

List of References:

Your essay must include in text and end text referencing. If you are not sure what this means be sure to seek clarification from your lecturer. Failure to properly acknowledge within your essay and with an end text reference list will result in heavy loss of marks.

All references cited in the body of your essay should be listed in full at the end of the essay. You should not have any reference in your reference list which is not included in the text of the essay. Your list of references should include a minimum of 6 textbooks and academic journal articles of which there should be no more than three management texts. Additional points will be awarded for evidence of extra research information acquired from other sources such as newspaper articles, current affairs programs, World Wide Web, interviews etc.