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Individual Strategic Audit/Case Study:

Students will be expected to analyze a (global) FORTUNE 500 company and submit a five-page strategic audit paper that describes the case issues, alternatives and your recommendations for significantly increasing company performance. The company must be one of the following: Nestle, Proctor & Gamble, Google, Starbucks, Merck, Apple, or Dell. A useful content and format template for this strategic management audit/case study is outlined in the Strategic Audit Project link together with other information that will assist you complete this assignment.

The paper should include a half-page executive summary, and apply concepts, principles and techniques learned in our strategic management course, including environmental and industry analysis, SWOT analysis, key issue analysis, alternative strategies, and conclusions and recommendations, as illustrated in the Strategic Audit template.

The purpose of the Strategic Audit is to identify key problems/opportunities and to formulate at least one mission-directed Corporate or Business Unit strategy based on the company’s external political, legal, technology, and socio-economic forces; its internal resources and organizational factors; and its global set of industry and competitive threats and opportunities. The analysis-based strategy could, for example, result from the implications of an important contemporary business trend such as outsourcing or supply chain innovation, information technology advances, cultural change, merger/acquisition, globalization, or other related factors that could significantly impact company performance.