Competitors & Target Markets-IBM/Lenovo Compaq and Intel Co Your manager has asked you to…

Competitors & Target Markets-IBM/Lenovo, Compaq and Intel Co

Your manager has
asked you to investigate the Internet marketing strategies used by the
company’s major competitors Use the Library, the Internet, and any other
resources to research competitors and prepare a presentation

Here are the
questions to address for each of the companies you selected Answer each question
for at least Computer technologyManufacturing Company you find

1What market
segment(s) seem to be targeted by the company?

2What is/are
the most important customer benefit(s) stressed?

3How does the
company attempt to connect (develop a relationship) with its customers?

4What is the
company’s chief strategic advantage over its competitors?

5What features
should your company build into its web site that would rival the competitor’s

3 slides per

At least 8-12 PowerPoint slides with 250 words per
slide speaker notes and references