of the Task Innovation can come from many sources and take many forms. Different types of…

of the Task: Innovation can come from many sources and take many forms. Different types of innovations offer different opportunities for organisations and society, and they pose different demands upon producers and users. In this assessment you will review and assess various dimensions of an innovative product or service. Researching different cases of innovations are useful for understanding some key elements of innovation. Write a real-world critical appraisal of an innovative product, process or service undertaken by one of the business organisations, government organisations or entrepreneurial start-ups of your choice. You should choose your own case for this assessment and there is no set structure but you are expected to draw on a range of academic texts and to provide a complete and accurate reference list. It is important that you evaluate different dimensions and features of the product/ service and provide an assessment of the innovation and its impact on business and society and provide creative recommendations and alternative options for the future improvement of the innovation. Additional information and examples will be provided during tutorials.What needs to be covered:1. Introduce the chosen product or service/process and the reasons for selection of this innovation (around 200 words)

3. Evaluation of Innovation (around 1000 words). Use and apply relevant innovation concepts to evaluate the product/service and to address the strengths and weaknesses of the product/service. Depending on the chosen case, you may emphasis and analyse relevant critical issues such as business development, commercialisation or marketing issues, and the overall impact of innovation on human behaviour, business activity/growth and on economy/society as a whole.
4. Recommendations for future improvement and development (around 400 words). Based on your analysis, offer a few key recommendations for the possible future product/service development or other relevant innovation projects that may expand the application of the product/service and its market.