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McKinsey’s report on Global Forces: Read article at this URL (also posted in Blackboard) (NOTE – there is a video in the website – by Peter Bission – which you should watch to understand the subject matter better – Why Trends Matter?). A team at McKinsey has been researching the key global trends that will define the coming era. They have identified five forces, or crucibles as shown below, where the stresses and tensions will be greatest and thus offer the richest opportunities for companies to innovate and change: • The great rebalancing. – shifting of the economy to developing nations • The productivity imperative – wealth creation … boost productivity • The global grid. – about global interconnection and power of network (Internet) • Pricing the planet. – about sustainability and green planet • The market state – a larger role by the state Pick one force or crucible of your choice and write a 3 page (~1000 words) report on one of the above topics as it applies to Globalization (MS Word, APA format, New Times Roman 12 font). The pros and the cons of each trend should be clearly explained. Tables and charts (from your additional research in small sizes) are a good addition). Use additional research references for this homework. With the title page a total of 4 pages. Reference immediately follows your text (does not have to be in a new different page). Graduate level writing and all spelling and format checked. Longer submission and poor writing will reduce your grade points. Just copying the information from the above link will not get you points – it is your interpretation and additional research that would be reflected in your write up will get you better grades. The structure of the report should be: Introduction – Introduce the trend and indicate why it is important to globalization. (20%) Trend Analysis – Clearly explain the pros and the cons of the trend with at least one example for each. Support with your research data – charts, tables, etc.(50%) Conclusion – Conclude with your views on the trend and your projection of the trend in the next several years and state the reasons. (20%) References – At least three additional references (website URLs with date accessed, Book and author) that helped to make your case. This reference should be shown in your report when you are making the point taken from the reference. (10%) Use your critical thinking skills to analyze and to draw conclusions