M3D2: Peer Feedback Area: Competitor Analysis

Module 3

The Peer Feedback Area in this course is safe space for you to work through the steps of strategic planning together. You will work on a management level competitor analysis in an area of your choosing and post your results by Friday at 11:59pm ET. You will then support your classmates by responding to at least one other classmate’s posting. Specifically, provide supportive, collegial, evidence-based recommendations based on what you are learning in the course to assist your peers in further developing their work.   Response posts must be completed by Sunday at 11:59pm ET.

Important Note : You will find an excellent example of a service area competitor analysis for a Plastic Surgery Program in Chapter 3. Please carefully review this analysis. Pay particular attention to Exhibit 3.3 the Service Area Structural Analysis and to Exhibit 3.5, The Competitor Strengths and Weaknesses. You will find these helpful as you plan out your own Competitor Analysis this week.

The Peer Feedback Area will be graded as part of discussions, but differs from discussions in one important way. You need to post your initial post by Friday night (as opposed to Wednesday for discussions), and you must post one comprehensive response to another classmate by Sunday night.

In your module 2 discussion, you explored healthcare service categories and service areas and began a service area competitor analysis. This week, you will actually conduct a service area competitor analysis.

Using a service category/service area of interest to you, perform and briefly describe your own service area competitor analysis. Be sure to choose a healthcare service category and service area that interests you. You will be working with this several more times over the term.

Please share the highlights of your analysis with the class, incorporating the following:

What are some of the competitor strengths and weaknesses you have identified? Please share at least three.

What are some of the critical success factors?

What are the strategic groups in your service area?

What are some of the likely competitor actions or responses?

Describe how you located the information needed.

In closing, please share the following: Were there aspects of the analysis that were challenging to do? Areas particularly energizing as you discovered new facets of the competition?

Consult the Discussion Posting Guide for information about writing your discussion posts. Be sure to check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors before you post it. When you are ready to post, click on the “Reply” button for a new thread or “Reply” beneath an existing post to respond to the post. Then, copy/paste the text from your document into the message field, and click “Post Reply.”


Please read the latest Health Sciences Discussion Rubric

Download Health Sciences Discussion Rubric

and the new Health Sciences Discussion Guidance. These documents lay out the basis for how you should engage in discussions and how you will be evaluated. Discussions are worth 30% of your final grade.