Cloud Computing Literature Review

  1. The coursework is ONLY for graduate students. 100 points, submit one report file with five reference files on Blackboard by December 2, the end of the day.
    Late submission is accepted, but with 10% points off if submitted within 24 hours after the due time; 20% points off if submitted 24-48 hours after the due time; no credit if submitted two or more days after the due time.

    • Submit 6 files, respectively: your report (a Word or pdf file) and 5 references (pdf files). Do NOT compress them to a single file.
    • Name your references as 1.pdf, 2.pdf, and so on.
    • Read five recent papers/articles on cloud computing related topics, and at most ONE to be review/survey paper/article.
    • Format requirements are the same as for assignment report.
    • Write a 10-page (double spaced) review paper integrating and expanding the selected research paper subjects with the course topics.
    • This will not be a paper report (to review the references), rather a thoughtful discussion of the research papers content pertaining to the material we have covered in the course.
    • Papers and articles from IEEE Transactions on Computers, and the Communications of the ACM; or other journals or proceedings approved by the instructor.
    • One example for review/survey article,
    1. M. Shahin, M. Ali Babar and L. Zhu, “Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment: A Systematic Review on Approaches, Tools, Challenges and Practices,” in IEEE Access, vol. 5, pp. 3909-3943, 2017.
    2. One example of non review/survey reference paper/article,
    3. D. Gonzales, J. M. Kaplan, E. Saltzman, Z. Winkelman and D. Woods, “Cloud-Trust—a Security Assessment Model for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Clouds,” in IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 523-536, 1 July-Sept. 2017.
    4. Continuous Integration Delivery and Deployment.pdf
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