Public Policy

For this paper assignment, you are to analyze a public policy or law using the comparative method. You can analyze the State of Florida and another state. You can compare two local governments in the state of Florida. You can compare a local government in Florida to a local government in another state. The topics to choose are below : COVID Education Policy COVID Vaccine Distribution Policy COVID Travel Policy Changes to Election/Voter Registration Policies for 2020 Abortion Policy You could consider a variety of things in your paper. What are the policies of the two governments? How are they similar/different? Are the policies effective or not? Explain and provide detail and statistics to support your position. Also, are there differences in the demographics of the states/localities that make the policy effective/not? What could be done differently to improve the state/local policies? What would it take to implement such policy changes? Why do you think such policy changes would work? Use statistics and examples to support your position.