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Ugh! Just the sight of another heap of books can make you feel sick to the stomach. Exams are the only thing on your mind, you are stressed out and have no idea what to do first. Fear not, fellow student! This guide will supply you with the best techniques in “study habits” which will turn you from an overstressed crammer into a skillful learner.

The Dangerous Academic Atmosphere

No one can argue that reading a textbook on your bed and surrounded by dirty clothes, this is an obvious lack of attention. The first step to overcoming exam stress is to make a relevant study area. Choose a place that is noiseless and distraction-free, for instance, TV or roommates. This will put your brain in the mode of working on the focused tasks in this place. As a next step, throw out those irritating distractions! Turn off your phone notifications, close the unnecessary browser tabs and notify your housemates about the time of your studying (in case video game fanatics’ eviction may be required).

Ok, let’s now move on to the topic of time management. No more those all-nighters caused by sugary drinks as they are a formula for a failed outcome. The Pomodoro technique is your buddy as far as concentration is concerned (read about it here). For 25 minutes of studying, discipline yourself and then have a 5-minute break. This way, you can stay focused and avoid the mental exhaustion of being overworked. When you take a break, make sure not to engage in social media or anything that could lead you into procrastination. Go for a walk, eat some healthier snacks, or try some stretching to keep energized.

Basically, You have to deal with the subject matter.

A passive reading won’t get you an A, active learning is essential to the process of understanding the material. Here’s when your inner ninja is your best friend! Summarize what you have just read in your own words. Practice tests are a treasure – use them under timed conditions to mimic the real exam experience and pin down the places that need to be improved.

Memory cards are wonderful in that they help to remember important terms and dates. But here’s a ninja upgrade: practice spaced repetition. This indicates that one ought to do so with flashcards at increasing intervals because research has proven that this leads to the development of long-term memory. Feeling brave? Consider teaching it to a friend. While explaining notions you do not have to shy away from what you do not understand, and you might even discover knowledge gaps you were not aware of before.

One of the ninja skills of a successful student is note taking. Never try to exactly duplicate anything the teacher is saying. Consider different ways of note taking, such as mind maps, which are visual representation of ideas, or the Cornell method, which is a clear organization of notes and easy review. Note that this is where you’ll get rewarded for creating neat and legible notes that will save you a ton of time trying to understand your own scribbles later.

But wait, there’s more! Only memorizing facts does not concern learning. Try to grasp the core of the given information to the maximum. Put yourself in the position of “why” and “how” things behave or operate. Developing links between the ideas in your mind helps you to be sure that you have grasped the knowledge and also to apply this in new situations.

Fires the engine of your focus.

  1. Brain Food & Fitness:

It is not only about the mental power that helps you to pass exams, but physical health is an important factor as well. Picture your brain as a precision-built race car engine. Generally speaking, it works best when it has the right fuel. Forget about sugar-laden snacks and junk food containing processed ingredients. In contrast, devote attention to a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, wholemeal grains, and low fat protein. These foods are known as brain fuel since they provide a constant energy source, better concentration, and better memory. The other thing I cannot do without is water. The brain can become dehydrated which can cause impairment in cognitive function, so always have a reusable water bottle with you and take a sip whenever you can.

It is not only the case that exercise helps to achieve a certain aesthetic (although that is a bonus). Physical exercise is a great source of all the advantages you need for your brain. In addition, constant exercise increases blood flow to the brain, thus delivering oxygen and other nutrients to the cells. This will help your mind stay sharpened, focused, and even increase the memory. Therefore, go for running, gymming or take a walk in the open air. In the end, the brain of yours will thank you.

  1. Sleep is Essential:

There is a saying that you have probably heard before: “all-nighter” followed by a test, and then failing the test the next day. This is a scientific reason for such a thing. When you are sleeping, your brain is processing and consolidating memories and information that you have processed during the day. This process of consolidation is hampered when one does not get enough sleep hence the brain is in a state of confusion and it becomes very difficult to remember important information. It is advisable to strive for 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night. Make a calm bedtime routine, keep a daily sleep schedule, and make sure that your bedroom is dark, quiet and cool.

  1. Minimize Stress & Breaks:

Do you feel like you are under massive exam pressure? You’re not alone. However, the most effective stress management is an indispensable condition for successful studying. Develop a stress-management technique that is healthy which can be meditation, deep breathing exercises or just spending time in nature. In addition to this, one of the most vital factors is to have a timetable for breaks so that you do not get burned out. Walk away from your study room, do some light stretches, listen to soothing music or take a break and talk to a friend for a few minutes. The better the mind is rested the higher the productivity level becomes.

Study Hacks: Bring Out the Best in Your Learning

  1. Find Your Study Style:

Have there been any times when you feel that you have studied for a long time and still nothing is sinking in? This may be the reason for using a study method that doesn’t go well with your natural learning style. There are three main learning styles:There are three main learning styles:

  • Visual Learners: Understand illustrations, diagrams, and charts the most. Make use of colored notes, mind maps with pictures, flashcards and educational videos which will help you to learn more and better.
  • Auditory Learners: Thrive upon listening to the information simplified. Record the lectures, listen to audiobooks or educational podcasts, and explain the concepts out loud to ensure you have a firm grasp on what you are learning. If you have difficulties with studying, you may try to organize a study group and talk about the material with others.
  • Kinesthetic Learners: Study and practice. Narrate concepts in your own words, do exercises in the form of problems, take part in experiments or simulations, and make use of physical objects like manipulatives (3D models) if applicable to your subject.

Through pinpointing the most effective learning style and adjusting your studying methods to suit your learning style, you can highly enhance your learning speed and memory.

  1. Form a Study Group:

Study is not meant to be a single person war. Study group with classmates is a really strong strategy for exam success. Here’s why:

  • Accountability: The study date is a source of motivation and an incentive to keep working.
  • Different Perspectives: Group discussions can open up a whole new perspective for you and help you to develop further understanding of the given material.
  • Explaining Concepts: Being a teacher makes you realize how much you still need to learn and grasp, and encourages you to find concerns and gaps in your knowledge.

Keep in mind that the essence of a productive study group is finding studying mates that are as serious about learning as you are and ready to invest the effort.

  1. Seek Help When Needed:

Don’t be frightened to ask for help! The challenge is to grasp a particular concept? Do not think twice about raising your hand in class or going to the teacher’s office during office hours. A lot of universities have tutoring services, and online channels like Khan Academy can offer more detailed explanations and practice problems as well.

It is crucial to keep in mind that exploiting all the resources available is a proactive approach to studying and can highly impact your exam performance.

Conclusion: Tap into the Greatest Teacher within You.

Congratulations! You’ve now learned how to make the right choices in your studies, and this is the basis for your success. But the important point here is that you should be persistent and disciplined. Integrate these strategies into your daily habit, personalize them to your own needs, and be amazed at how you’ll excel in academics.

Here’s a quick recap to keep you on track:Here’s a quick recap to keep you on track:

  • Create a special study area where you can get rid of distractions.
  • The Pomodoro Technique and other managing time tips will help you deal with the time.
  • Take up active learning by summarizing, doing practice tests, making flash cards and explaining the concepts.
  • Fuel your concentration by a good diet, physical activities, and quality sleep.
  • Self-manage stress using relaxation techniques and scheduled breaks.
  • Determine your individual learning style and use it to create a study method of your own.
  • Get together with fellow students to organize an efficient study group.
  • Don’t delay in asking for teachers, tutors, or online resources help.

Through these potent instruments you have at your service, you are now on the way to the mastery of learning and to the attainment of academic success. Therefore, do not give up, be the masters of your exams, and keep in mind that you are capable of this.
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